Special Needs

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Special Needs

Call us on 4625 4897

Thoughtfulness by the team can make all the difference…

Many people, of all ages, need their medical professionals to be thoughtful towards their special needs. At Family Dental Care, we try very hard to accommodate our patient’s needs, so they have a pleasant and comfortable visit and they feel respected by all our staff. A consistent environment really helps patients to settle into a healthy lifelong dental management routine. You can choose the dentist and dental assistant you like and we can arrange for them to be your team wherever possible.

AUSLAN Interpreter Available

Did you know that if you are registered with the NDIS you may have this service already in your plan? If you are over 65 years old this service is FREE. Either way, we can easily organise for an interpreter to be with you at every dental appointment. 

General medical conditions

Dexterity and Arthritis
Thankfully, industry has responded with ergonomically designed devices such as electric toothbrushes, toothbrush handle aids and floss holders that make it easier to grasp and control. Some of these items are available at our surgery – just ask!

Osteoporosis is well known and understood by our dentists. They can provide suitable dental treatment, dental guidance/bisphosphonate information and collaborate with your medical practitioner/specialist to ensure you are well cared for.

If you are having treatment for cancer or have just finished treatment, our dentists understand how this effects the body and the emotions. They can offer you dental advice to minimise the pain and discomfort of a dry mouth and we have products for sale that help avoid tooth decay and re-hydrate the mouth when starting treatment. We often have free samples of these products to try. The dentists will collaborate with your medical practitioner/specialist to ensure you are well cared for.

Wheelchair Friendly
We have now adjusted our front desk to be more wheelchair friendly. We also have disabled toilets on our floor and large treatment rooms, all of which make accessing dentistry just that bit more comfortable for those needing extra care.

We have:

  • Men’s, Women’s toilet and a Disabled toilet
  • 2 x Elevator‘s to our level (Level 6)
  • Large treatment rooms for wheelchairs, prams, guide dogs, canes and walking frames
  • If you have back pain, there are two supportive armchairs in the waiting room for you
  • Large and small cushions can be placed on the dental chair headrests for comfort (curvature of the spine, neck pain etc)
  • Support cushions for back pain can be placed under the knees when sitting on the dental chair
  • The dental chair arms can move away from the dental chair to help with the transfer from a wheelchair and back
  • Booster seats for children
  • Tinted eye protection to reduce light penetration when reclining on the dental chair
  • Extra-long appointments arranged at no extra cost for children with behaviour challenges

We are happy to help fill out the medical history forms and updates with you!

Don’t feel embarrassed…

Lastly, we would like people to know, that if a person feels embarrassed to be starting dental treatment after a very long time (or maybe it’s the first time since childhood), please don’t be embarrassed! We are here to help you be the best and healthiest you can, not to judge you.

We focus on what needs to be done and help you prevent further treatment becoming necessary. You really should just come in and give it a try.

Let us show you how important you are.