What exactly is it?

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What exactly is it?

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Toothaches can be caused by a number of things and it is best to have one of our experienced dentists perform a proper diagnosis and offer definitive treatment as soon as possible. We understand that a toothache can be extremely painful. Many people have had sleepless nights and difficulty eating because of this.

We are particularly gentle with any patient that is coming in to see us with a toothache. We know how fragile people become, how utterly tired and irritable toothaches make people feel. We can even offer our patients a long lasting anaesthetic (8 to 12 hours of numbness!) if they’ve been in excessive pain for a while. This will allow a patient to rest peacefully at home after the dental treatment – at no extra charge.

Toothaches can be caused from exposed root surfaces, cracked teeth, cracked fillings, tooth decay, or even colds and ‘flu. Of particular concern is an abscess (infection).



Not many people realise that there are other reasons that teeth can discolour and darken. In particular, trauma to teeth, (eg sports injury) can cause internal bleeding or perhaps a tooth that has been endodonticly treated in the distant past.

After a darkened tooth has had root canal therapy, the patient may decide they want to whiten the tooth for cosmetic reasons. We use Opalescence Endo to do this. This product is placed inside the discoloured tooth, bleaching from the inside out (internal). It may take a few visits to refresh the bleach, until the tooth becomes the desired colour. Then all the Opalescence Endo is flushed out and a final filling is placed. It is a very simple procedure, it causes no discomfort and the results are fantastic.


Referred pain


The pain may often feel as if it is coming from a part of the head or neck but that may not be the true source. For example, pain from bottom teeth will often feel like an ear ache. Naturally you might receive an examination by a medical doctor but they will find no sign of ear infection.

Tooth pain may be “referred” from the bottom jaw to the top jaw, from the back teeth to the front teeth, or vice versa. If you are experiencing this, you should consider making an appointment with one of our dentists to see if this is a problem with your teeth.