Wisdom Teeth Removal at Family Dental Care Campbelltown 

Our dentists are experienced and well-trained in the procedure of wisdom teeth extraction, with gentle techniques for anxious patients you’re in good hands.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Family Dental Care Campbelltown 

Our dentists are experienced and well-trained in the procedure of wisdom teeth extraction, with gentle techniques for anxious patients you’re in good hands.

What are wisdom teeth? 

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually erupt between the ages of 15 to 25. They do not always erupt properly when they decide to make an appearance, simply because they don’t have enough room in the mouth to accommodate them. They often try but cannot always fit and be in an ideal, upright position. It’s wise to get an early opinion from our dentists so you know if you’ll have a problem or not. 

How do I know they need to be removed

It isn’t wise to wait until wisdom teeth bother you. Early removal, as advised by our dentists, is generally recommended to avoid problems, such as an impacted tooth that can potentially destroy the tooth in front. At an early age, patients should be evaluated by one of our dentists, who can track third molar development with the help of x-rays. People with symptoms of impaction, such as pain, swelling and infection should have their wisdom teeth removed immediately. However, those with no symptoms can avoid the chance of ever suffering from the pain of impacted wisdom teeth or achieve better orthodontic treatment results, by having them removed. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 

What if I don’t have any wisdom tooth symptoms? 

Teeth without any symptoms need to be assessed by our dentist to see if removal is necessary. Removal may reduce the chance of unexplained jaw/joint pain, may be needed to accommodate prosthetic appliances, or to avoid cavities, gum disease, and tumour development. 

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Campbelltown Family Dental Care Team 2022

Meet our Team

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Campbelltown Family Dental Care Team 2022

Dr Jashan Kaur

Principal Dentist

Dr Jashan Kaur is the owner and Principle dentist at Family Dental Care. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2011.

Since then, she has made quite a name for herself by expertising in various aspects of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry, children’s dentistry, orthodontics and dentures. She is an experienced general dentist and an INVISALIGN and CLEAR CORRECT provider.

She takes a lot of pride in providing quality service and treatment, as well as achieving desired results for her patients. Her good listening skills, and calm and polite nature puts patients at ease. Her strength lies in helping those who struggle with dental anxiety.

She is currently studying a course in Dental Implants, and loves learning new techniques and technology in the dental field.

She loves listening to music, making friends and trying new cuisines.

“I love meeting new people and helping them feel relaxed and cared for. I really enjoy giving my patients confidence and can’t wait to start this new chapter with a wonderful team”

Campbelltown Family Dental Care Team 2022

Dr Bhavna Suwase


Dr Bhavna Suwase graduated in 1997 from Mumbai University and then completed the Australian Dental Council Examinations in 2007.

She speaks English, Hindi and Marathi efficiently.

Dr Suwase has a wealth of experience working as a dentist for the past 20 years. She performs all aspects of dentistry with ease, including cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. She has an ability to treat children and young ones with ease.

Her strong forte is working with the elderly and providing a wide array of restorative treatments and dentures to medically challenged patients and performing procedures on patients with complex dental issues.

She is available 2 days a week.

Campbelltown Family Dental Care Team 2022

Dr Amandeep Kaur Nanra


Dr Amandeep Kaur Nanra is our newest addition to our team of quality dentists.

Dr Nanra completed her Bachelor of Dentistry in 2012 and practised in India for 4 years before coming to Australia in 2017. She completed the Australian Dental Council examinations in 2019.

She is gentle and friendly, and loves to help patients with their dental needs.



Campbelltown Family Dental Care Team 2022

Dr Samara Al-Attabi


Dr Samara Al-Attabi graduated with BDS in 2006, and she started working in the public sector, focusing on Paediatric and Restorative speciality while treating patients with complex dental needs.

She has a keen interest in cosmetic and children’s dentistry, ensuring children can grow up with healthy teeth and a positive dental experience.

She finished training in (Invisalign, Root canal therapy and Veneers) with Australian Dental Association.

Out of work, she lives locally with her family enjoying traveling, cooking and meeting friends.

She also speaks Arabic.

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