Teeth whitening has become rather popular these days. At this point, we cannot dismiss it as merely being about beauty or vanity. The fact is, we draw a lot of confidence from our physical appearance. A perfect smile plays a crucial role in ensuring self-confidence and radiating a calm persona.

Apart from having naturally white teeth, new whitening techniques and methods have emerged in the market. These are the perfect option for people hoping for effective, transformative procedures. Let us quickly dive into the various teeth whitening procedures. This will help you figure out what is best suited for your case.

Busting the myths

A single web search is enough to make you believe there are so many natural whitening options out there. From eating strawberries and pineapple to applying coconut oil and baking soda, these are present in innumerable forms and combinations. While these may or may not be true, it is definitely not scientifically tested.

People who are too reluctant to go for any result-oriented and effective teeth whitening procedures tend to be lured by these promises of natural remedies. Also, the myth of correlating removal of plaque and whitening as one needs to be debunked. Most natural remedies only make your teeth appear slightly whiter by assisting in removing plaque accumulation on your teeth. Some whitening procedure or product that will penetrate your teeth and break down stain molecules is required for more visible and long-lasting results.

Benefits of teeth whitening

Here are some benefits of teeth whitening, when it is done properly at the dental clinic.

Improved aesthetic appearance

The most important thing about dental whitening is that it is predominantly a cosmetic treatment. Discolouration or stains will no longer pull you back. Teeth discolouration can occur as you age or due to particular lifestyle and dietary habits. Stains can form as a result of the foods you eat or from poor brushing and flossing habits. The whitening products used are specifically designed to lighten and dissolve these stains. Thus, teeth whitening ensures deep discolouration and stains are removed from the base and hence are not visible.

Boost in confidence

A good smile can boost your self-esteem in ways you can’t even fathom. Yellow and dull will no longer describe your teeth and mood. White and bright will soon take its place. You’ll smile more frequently due to a whiter, brighter, and healthier-looking smile. A bright white smile makes you a friendly and healthy human being.

Teeth whitening procedure

The following are the common teeth whitening procedures that are performed across the world.

In-Office Whitening

An in-house whitening procedure may refer to using bleaching agents or UV light. The whitening solution used in these treatments is typically stronger and used in more concentration. UV light is sometimes used to accelerate the whitening process.


  • Professional treatment
  • Immediate effect


  • Expensive

Custom-made whitening trays

To perform this treatment, your dentist may take an impression of your teeth. Base on this impression, a custom mould is created. The whitening tray consists of this mould and other bleaching solutions. This bleaching solution is added to the mould and then placed on the teeth. Thus, this whitening method entails having plastic trays that have been custom-made to perfectly fit your teeth and whitening gel is then added to these trays. Because the trays are tailored to fit your teeth, the likelihood of whitening gel leaking onto your gums is significantly reduced compared to ready-to-use kits. This option also makes it simple to perform touch-ups regularly, as you can purchase additional tubes of whitening gel to use in your trays.


  • Comfortable and custom-made
  • Reduces changes of discomfort and gum irritation


  • Chances of tooth sensitivity developing

Ready to use whitening kits

Your dentist can provide you with ready-to-use whitening kits. These kits usually contain dental trays, teeth-whitening strips, paint-on teeth whiteners, and whitening toothpaste or mouthwash. These kits are safe and effective but typically take a little longer to produce results than in-office whitening.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in the long run


  • It takes a lot of time to show the result

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are shell-like structures fitted onto the teeth. Firstly, a portion of the enamel is removed, and the veneer is cemented. These custom-made thin sheets of porcelain have the same light-reflective characteristics as enamel. Thus, the teeth will look natural and white. This is the best option for teeth that are severely damaged (like internal discolouration or deep stains) that external whitening methods cannot fix.


  • Natural looking
  • Easy maintenance


  • Less strength and durability

Bleaching vs Whitening

Bleaching with the help of products containing bleach is used only when teeth can be whitened beyond their natural colour. The term “whitening” is used to refer to the process of restoring the surface colour of a tooth by getting rid of all debris and dirt that may have accumulated. Therefore, any product that is used to clean the teeth (such as toothpaste) can technically be thought of as a whitener. But, in general, these terms are used synonymously.

Can all teeth be made white and bright?

No, which is why it’s crucial to consult your dentist before deciding to whiten your teeth. Whiteners might not be able to treat every kind of discolouration. For instance, brown teeth might not respond as well to bleaching as yellow teeth, and teeth with grey undertones might not respond. Fillings, crowns, veneers, and caps cannot be whitened. Additionally, it won’t work if drugs or a dental injury bring on your tooth discolouration.

In short, for white teeth and a bright smile, you will have to figure out what restorative options suits your need, dental hygiene and financial situation. From this reading, you might have understood that these options can be categorised based on the presence or absence of a professional and on whether it is or isn’t custom-made. Read through the pros and cons and choose wisely. Well, just a reminder, whitening is not magic. It will require some maintenance and commitment from your side. Basic oral hygiene will be enough to keep that smile white and bright forever.